EU / UK Facebook Messenger Changes

NOTE: This is a developing situation. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

On December 16th Facebook made changes to how Messenger and Advertising will work in the EU. These changes were made to comply with privacy laws in the EU and the UK.

Who Is Affected

If you have a ManyChat account that is tied to a Facebook page or Ad account affected by these changes you will have received this email:

Or seen this warning when you login to your ManyChat account:

These warning messages are letting you know that one of three scenarios may apply to your Facebook account:

  • Your Facebook business page is located in the EEA
  • You have subscribers located in the EEA
  • One of your page admins on your Facebook Business Page is located in the EEA

Here’s a video on how to check your Facebook page and Ad account roles to see who has access to your page. Keep in mind that if you have a partner such as an agency with access to your account, that if they have team members from the EEA that your page will be affected if they have admin level access to your account:

EEA and US Subscribers

If you have ManyChat subscribers from the EEA, your campaigns will be affected – even if the above conditions do not apply to you. If you have a mixed audience of EEA and US subscribers, if you send campaigns just to US subscribers, your flows will not experience any restrictions. If your campaign is sent to both EEA and US subscribers simultaneously, your flows will be affected and functionality will be limited to those that are available to EEA individuals.

What Has Changed?

A lot of things have changed, and for a thorough run down I recommend reviewing ManyChat’s article here. Since this article and blog is for ecommerce and Amazon applications, the restrictions that affect most sellers include:

  • πŸ›‘ No Paid / Sponsored Messages
  • πŸ›‘ No retargeting existing subscribers via exporting ManyChat subscribers and creating audiences in Facebook
  • πŸ›‘ No buttons inside flows will function
  • πŸ›‘ No Growth Tools will work such as URLs, QR codes, JSON, affecting Facebook Ads and Product Inserts utilizing these growth tools
  • πŸ›‘ One-Time Notification Requests and Topics

How to Adjust Your Campaigns 

Even though a lot of things have changed, there are still key ways to adjust your flows to function per these restrictions:

  • πŸ‘ Run Facebook Messenger Ads with Keywords & Quick Replies
  • πŸ‘ Update Product Inserts links to a Generic Landing Page with a link to your Facebook Page 
  • πŸ‘ Run Omni-Channel (Email and SMS) to existing subscribers leading to Messenger campaigns

It is not known how long these restrictions are going to be in place.

There are additional changes as well that don’t apply to how Amazon sellers use Messenger and Ads for campaigns, but I encourage you to read the full article here.

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