Holiday Campaign List Building – Run this NOW!

Build a list for your Holiday Campaigns with this Omni Channel Giveaway Contest Template! 

With this template you’ll be able to increase:

  • 💬 Messenger Subscribers
  • 📧 Email subscribers
  • 📲SMS subscribers
  • 👍 Fans on your Facebook Page
  • 🖼️ Followers on your Instagram Account
  • 🤳 Viral tagging on your Facebook Ad
  • 🎉 One Time Notifications for free Messaging

All with one campaign! 

The trick is in the offer, so make it good and run this campaign now to build an audience for when you need it this coming Holiday season!

Get the template here (will open in Messenger) —> 

Michelle Barnum Smith
Michelle Barnum Smith

I am the Queen 👑 of Amazon Chat Bots
💪 20 Year Marketing Veteran
Wife of a Handsome Bearded Man 🧔
👧👧 Mother of Two Crazy Girls

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